Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Front Yard - Before & After

Everyone loves a good before and after shot right??  This is a project I've been working on in phases for a few seasons now.  We developed a plan for each area of the yard and as time and budget have allowed we have been working consistently on each space so my customer's have a yard they can use and are happy with.

Here was the front foundation before:
There were some overgrown hollies "eating the house" and some boulders just arranged, I use that term loosely by the front steps.  Also, those downspouts needed to be less visible and were buried with pop-up drains so the water is now used in the planting bed instead of running off into the lawn.  Why waste water???

And here is the after:
We have actually made some changes to even this plan, the laurel in the middle has since died (it is right below the dryer vent) gotta love builders!!  So we have removed it and are waiting to see if it's something that can be moved or diverted.  If not I will have to come up with something else!  The camellia by the steps is even bigger now and has bloomed!  The holly on the right corner anchors the house and is a great evergreen screen to buffer the neighbors.  Perennials have filled out and are really looking good.

It's so wonderful to see projects over a few year time span, you can make changes if necessary as things fill in.  I am lucky to have these great clients who trust me and let me do what's best for the site while still working within their parameters.

Do you have projects you follow-up on?  I find checking in is another great opportunity to get more work, people love to add on as they see their yards fill in and grow.


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