Friday, September 10, 2010

Planting Indoors

As I'm sure you all know, most of my work is OUTSIDE! But on occasion I am lucky to get a lead for office plants. I love doing these because I know it makes such a difference in the quality of their work spaces.

So yesterday I crammed my SUV (thanks honey for my new ride) full of plants, containers, plant food, a watering can and of course myself and headed over to put it all together!

Here is the front desk now:
A Phalaenopsis orchid on the desk
A Spathiphyllum also known as Peace lily on the floor

Seating area in the lobby:
Dracaena mass cane

Fragrant orchid on the side table

Boss's office:
A gorgeous Fiddle Leaf Ficus

The building is very sleek and modern, here is the lobby:

My client was an aviation planning and management company who wanted simple, clean lined containers to match the style of the building and greenery to enhance their surroundings. I went back today to take these photos and they were thrilled with the results. It's so nice to have people love and appreciate what you do!

Do you grow houseplants, if so what's your favorite? Is it important to you to have greenery around?

Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Hi Amy,
    Beautiful job in that office space! I love having greenery around my home. It adds life to the rooms and will certainly keep my spirits up as fall and winter approach (yuck).

    But...indoor plants scare me. I'm terrible with them! First, I have two cats, so I need to be careful, as they love to munch on certain plants; everything has to be safe for them should they choose to nibble.

    And then, I know nothing about caring for plants and therefore have no skill when it comes to looking at something and knowing what to do by what I see. Can you give me some tips? How do I know if a plant needs to be watered? Needs more or less light? For example, we have a floor plant that looks like a plant I would see in an office – I don’t know what it is. The leaves go from brown to yellow to green to red and then back depending on what terrible care I'm applying. Argh!

    I’m need of major counseling, but any advice would be helpful:) I love your blog, especially the floral pictures. Spectacular!