Monday, May 2, 2011

Time Flies

Wow, where do the weeks go?

I had great intentions of posting some good updates last week, but with an install Tuesday and a big pond job Wednesday-Friday (pics later this week) I apparently got sidetracked.  Perhaps working 60 hours and being 6 months pregnant doesn't help??  Guess I really am trying to keep my normal schedule even though having a baby is a "new normal" I'm having to learn!

I also was a loser and forgot my camera on the kitchen island this morning.  So I will leave you with a few of the things I can find on the internet in the meantime.

Saturday afternoon my sister and I went to a baby shower for one of my girlfriends (photos this week) and then met another group of friends for dinner at a new (to us) place in Falls Church-Clare and Don's beach shack. The food was delish (I had fish tacos YUM) and the band was good as well, a nice evening to sit outside and catch up.

During our errand running yesterday while hubs was in the ceiling fan store (post for tomorrow) I RAN wandered into DSW Shoe Warehouse, aka. heaven.  Of course there were lots of beautiful things, but I had my eye on this little number:

I chickened out and didn't buy them.  I was nervous b/c everyone tells me my feet will change!  I already wear a size 10-10.5 ahhh, please say this isn't true!  I love my shoe collection and do NOT want to send them to new homes!  Any advice??

What did you do this weekend?