Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pilates for Pink

For those of you who may not know, along with being a Landscape Designer I also teach Pilates at Gold's Gym. I have always loved fitness and really enjoy having people join me on their fitness journey. It's so great to be able to watch student's progress and learn to love their bodies and even watch them transform. It's no lie that it's hard work, but it can also be fun! So many people take for granted what we can do everyday, so I like to celebrate health and wellness any way I can.

I found about Pilates for Pink through Shape magazine. This October 3rd will be their 5th year of sponsoring this event in Union Square Park in NYC. Mari Winsor of Winsor Pilates is an advocate of this event and has created quite an empire with her own method.

So if you can't make it to NYC for the event, check out the list of studio's that are sponsoring classes, this could be a great way for you to add something new to your routine, or to start something altogether!

Have you done pilates before? Would you try it out? Let me know, I love to see who's reading!

Hugs and Push ups,

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So it's not a hidden fact that I exercise, probably sometimes to excess (I mean not being able to wash your hair with your hands over your head b/c you're sore is normal right??), but I'm a happier person when I do. So I was running through my neighborhood one evening after work and passed this house that had a cute garden, nothing to knock your socks off, but well-kept. I thought, hmm, I could really add some finishing touches to make it really special and kept on with my run. As much as I'd LOVE to knock on people's doors and let them know I'd love to update their landscaping it just seems creepy. Would you tell a stranger they needs to repaint their living room uprovoked? (On second thought, don't answer that, I know you all would!)

Well, the next day I got a lead at work for THAT house-Hah, talk about karma! So I told her my story and she was thrilled, she actually saw me running, too funny.

Here is the beautiful wall fountain she didn't use anymore so we've turned into a planter. It is surrounded by euonymus covering the side of her garage, I love this lush green on the trellis.

This is the planting bed across from the garage wall with the fountain.

This bed is the FIRST thing you see when you pull up, it abutts the driveway. I'll have to take an after photo now that the hydrangea is in bloom.

Have a happy Wednesday! We are off to Cape Cod for a wedding this weekend, I've NEVER been and am SO excited. Anything I musn't miss while we're there?? I will be back on Monday with LOTS of photos of the happy bride and groom and hopefully some FAT hydrangeas and adorable gingerbread cottages.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nate Berkus!

So I'm a little late to the blog world on this topic I know, but I am a rule follower (well, most of the time, but especially when I sign a waiver, we have enough lawyers in my family to know boundaries)...

I've loved Nate's simple, clean style for awhile and was THRILLED to be at the shows second taping!! I was seated RIGHT behind him, about 5 feet away, and yes, he is just as charming in person, and the set was AWESOME!!

Here are two of the many rooms he's designed that I just love. I feel like they are livable, comfortable, functional and beautiful. Who wouldn't want to be in this room?? I especially love the geodes next to the white roses nestled on the end table.

I love these bamboo chairs!! And the graphic rug, of course the flowers are gorgeous bursting out of that urn.

I'll give you my quick rundown, about 2 weeks ago I entered on their website to get tickets to the taping, NEVER thinking I'd actually get in. Well, I was wrong!! I was lucky enough to land tickets to The Nate Berkus Show currently in production in NYC for it's premier on September 13th. Check out his website for more info to see when it premiers in your area.

A friend (who's a teacher and not back in school yet) and I took BoltBus up on Thursday did a little shopping and eating and then got up SUPER early to be in line for the show Friday morning. We did sign a waiver saying we wouldn't blog, email, post, etc. about the show, so I feel like I can't show my photos or tell what was on when we were there, so I'll put up some photos I took while I was in NYC.

I love the detail on this building, they just don't build like this anymore :(

I will say that the set was very cool, totally in Nate's style and there was one part that I have in my own house (you'll have to watch the show to find out, I'll put a post up when it airs) For those of you who want more about the show until then, feel free to check out these talented ladies' blogs to get their Nate Date report:

Lisa @ Hamptontoes

Carolyn & Cynthia of The Buzz for Diane James @ DianeJamesHome

Marisa @ StyleBeat

Barbara @ Hampton Hostess

Liz @ Shorley Chic

Elizabeth @ Pretty Pink Tulips

Kelly @ Life at 5 Feet

I'm sure there are more posts out there in blogland, but these are the ones I've come across, feel free to let me know of any others.

I was a little sad these ladies met up on Thurdsay and I was there on Friday and missed them, but glad to see other people excited about this new show!

The set was FANTASTIC, so please watch when it airs so you can oooh and ahhh over the details, the content and of course the cute HOST!!

Have any local VA/DC/MD bloggers gone?


Images from: here, here, here, my own photos, and finally here

Monday, August 23, 2010

Groundhog Day

I'm sure you've all seen the movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray, if you haven't please go rent it. It's a hoot, I think it's one of those good ole standby's that make you laugh. At least I do, it makes me feel less like a lunatic when I have a day that seems to never end, or when I feel like I'm on autopilot day after day I know I'm not alone.

So this blog post was not really ALL about that movie, I do get out a little more than that...

While I was leaving for work the other morning I saw THIS little critter in our neighbor's side yard so of course I chased him, I mean discreetly followed him to see what he was up to.

As you know, I love small, furry animals, no we don't have any of our own, so that may be why I like them :) so of course I did follow him, SHHHH, and took this as he was taking off across the golf course back into his hideout I'm sure.

Do you see animals in your neck of the woods??

Happy Monday!

Images: all mine, you can use them, just please ask first, thanks!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Magical Moonflower

Many of us are at work during the day and aren't able to enjoy our gardens until the evening hours. We love to entertain and spend a LOT of time outside on our deck and patio. When I began thinking about the space Greg and I decided to incorporate lots of light colored flowers so we can enjoy them at night. Whites, light blues, pinks and even some yellows show up beautifully in the moonlight.

Speaking of moonlight, I thought I'd share the most recent treasure that's blooming in our garden, the Moonflower, also called Ipomoea alba in Latin (for you true plant geeks!)

This is one of the blooms closed up tight waiting for dusk.

Here's the same bloom about an hour later, swelling and ready to open.

Miss Moonflower unfurling her petals in preparation for tonight's show.

And here is a beautiful closeup.

Moonflower vine can grow 12-18' tall, make sure you allow room for it to romp, we grow ours on a trellis with Cardinal Flower Vine (post for tomorrow) so it can be intertwined around and around for a fuller look.

The blooms range from 4-8" across and open after dusk. They close up their petals when the morning sun hits and the process starts all over. The blooms are lightly fragrant so they're perfect for an area you're sitting in or walking by.

Have you grown this vine? Would you add it to your garden?


Monday, August 16, 2010

Gotta Get Going

For many of you who don't know, my husband and I raced our first Triathlon this year, it was an amazing experience, one we will be doing again. After the race we were both high on endorphins and excited to be done, but quite honestly, took a break from the rigorous training schedule.

Now I did NOT stop working out, but I did cut back some two-a-day workouts to once a day or every other day as work was, and still is crazy.

But for me, when the going gets tough, at work or otherwise, I get going...to my crazy workouts that is-pilates, pool, bike trails, treadmill, stairmaster, weights, what-EVER allows me to sweat it out!

I rarely leave home without my ipod from Apple, Greg bought me the nano for Valentine's day one year so I could use it with the nike+ system, it tracks your speed, distance, etc. and keeps me "plugged in" while I'm on the move, I love a good beat to keep my heart pumping and my body working hard.

I also LOVE my running shoes, they're Asics and I know I need to replace them soon but can't bear to break new ones in, hah, funny how you get attached!

Sorry I don't have any great before and after job photos right now, or house project photos, or really anything that involves why I started this blog, this was just what I felt like today, so there you have it.

Do you have any critical workout accessories you can't do without? Or do you have another action plan when things get crazy in your life?

Hugs and Push ups,

Images from: here, here

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lemon & Lavender Giveaway

I found Kelly's awesome blog, Fabulous K and have been reading away, I thought along with my Thirsty Thursday post I'd let you all know about this great giveaway of custom stirrers from Lemon & Lavender. I think they'd be the perfect summer drink topper, so go over to Kelly's blog to check it out and enter away!

Even if you don't win, what a great hostess gift!

Happy Thursday!

Thirsty Thursday

This week I am planning ahead for my weekend. Some friends from work and I started a Mojito Night tradition after work on Sunday's last summer. Unfortunatley this summer we have all been too busy to resurrect it, SO this will be the first week back at it. I have devised a new summery version of our favorite drink, so read on and let me know if you'll join me in trying it!

Welcome to...
The Pineapple Mojito

This is for 2 servings


6 oz. Pineapple flavored Rum (I personally use Mailbu)

4 oz. Lime juice (Again, I like Rose's, but I also LOVE fresh limes!)

1 can Sprite (This is my secret ingredient, so SHHHH)

16 Mint Leaves (Off our very own mint plant)

2 Slices of Pineapple (Plus 2 chunks for garnish)

3 cups Ice

Peel & cut pineapple, or if you're lazy buy it canned (hey, it's a shortcut on the road to your cocktail time!)

In a shaker, combine mint, sliced pineapple and lime and muddle.

Add ice, rum and sprite, cover and shake, shake, shake, your booty, whoops, wrong song, but you get the jist.

Pour into bar glasses and garnish with pineapple chunks and perhaps a fun cocktail swizzle stick.

Think this might be the beverage for you? I will certainly post mine on Monday so you can see how they turned out!


Images from: here, here, here and here

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Handbag Hangers

So being a woman means we often travel with accessories, let's be honest, it's rare if we don't! And I HATE putting my bag down on the floor, ewww. I will sit with my purse on my lap before setting it down in what my friends and I call "bar goo" the muck on the floors. Now many restaurants and bars are catching on to us ladies and our needs, and do have hooks, but really, after a few drink it's easy to walk off (I've never done it, but I've been the collector of lost bags for friends). So I've recently come across this great product from Cambria Cove, handbag hangers.

I know they come in a TON of styles, colors, etc, but they are lightweight, fit in just about every purse and keep your bag safe! And the bright be-jeweled circle on the bar reminds you to TAKE your purse with you when you leave!

Are you someone who you would use this? Or is it just one more item taking up space when you could make room for another lip gloss??


Monday, August 9, 2010

Birthday Boy

We had a GREAT weekend celebrating my husband Greg's Birthday (is it bad I had as much fun as he did??) Friday night we had dinner with both sets of parents at our favorite Chinese restaurant and went back to my parents for presents and home made ice cream cake, ooohh so good.

Saturday night we went to a new (to us) Japanese restaurant with some friends one of whom shares August 8th as her birth date as well.

This was my delicious dinner!

Tammy works at a wine store part time and organized a wine and chocolate pairing there after dinner, what an awesome idea, we had a blast.

Here are the Birthday boy and girl!

Sunday we headed out to some wineries with Greg's parents and some of our best buddies. It was a relaxing day full of laughs and good company.

We did dinner back at our house and his mom made her delicious Peach Pie (one of Greg's favorite desserts). As he puts it "I like Peach Pie first, Then Blueberry, and everything else ties for third, cake, cookies, ice cream..." Gotta love a guy who appreciates sweets!

Here is our dining room before I finished setting the table, I know, bad blogger...But I did want to take a photo of the gorgeous Limelight Hydrangeas from our garden so I could link up to Lauren's post today).

All in all a LOT of fun! I am lucky to have married such a great guy, I love you Greg, Happy Birthday!!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thirsty Thursday

Today's drink comes from an unlikely place for me...Bethenny Frankel, yes, of “The Real Housewives of New York,” and now "Bethenny's Getting married." I have to say, I am not a fan of either of these shows, in fact, I've never seen either. However, I have been told this margarita is great, and I am a fan of a SkinnyGirl Margarita! In the summer you can beat a cool, frosty drink, and although this one is on the rocks, don't just commit to margaritas one way, test a few out and let me know what you like best!

2 oz of Clear Premium Tequila (count 1, 2 while you pour, no need for measuring)
Tiny splash of Orange Liquor
Juice of 4 Fresh Lime Wedges

To serve on the rocks, combine all ingredients over a glass of ice and garnish with a lime wedge

This drink is approx. 4oz and about 100 calories, NOT bad for a margarita when they can sometimes top several hundred...Makes my gym time MUCH more productive!


Image and recipe from: here

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Flutter By

While we were out in the garden this weekend we spotted a few beauties on our Joe Pye Weed and Limelight Hydrangea, glad to see an ecosystem at work!

What's been flying into your garden lately?


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Christmas In July

Yes, you read that right, when I'm not designing and installing beautiful gardens I get moved into doing some interior design activities. Around October we move into the store to begin the Christmas setup of all our themed trees. I will put LOTS of photos up when the time comes...Last year I decorated (or helped) with 33 trees.

However, since it's not October yet, I bet you're wondering WHY I'm posting this...There was an event for a local radio station for their advertisers to purchase airspace for the holiday season and what better way to woo them??

Christmas In JULY!!!

So, I went over to the restaurant to set up two artificial trees that were raffled off at the end of the night to two winners, not a bad deal!

The taller of the two trees in one of the two dining rooms was a very dramatic black, fuchsia and silver tree.

This was after I had put the ribbon through the tree.

And here it is all done up.

The smaller tree in the other dining room was much more traditional, red and gold.

And again, all done up.

So that was my most recent decorating project. What have you been up to?