Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cardinal Flower Vine

I have a affinity to Hummingbirds, okay, I'll come clean, it borders on obsession! Their tiny little bodies, those ruby throats, uggghh, I just want to hold them and feel their little wings beat-haha, okay I swear I'm not crazy. But I will do anything to attract them to my garden. I'm not really a "RED" person, in my house or in flowers, but they are the easiest color for hummingbirds to see and be drawn in to a garden, so I have compromised BIG TIME to lure these lovelies into my lair, oopps, I mean yard.

Cardinal Climber, also called Cardinal Flower Vine or in Latin Ipomoea multifida is a favorite to Hummingbirds. They love long, tubular flowers that allow them to put their beaks in to retreive the sweet nectar.

This is growing on an iron form in a container on my deck mixed in with my Moonflower (see earlier post), so I get a great show during the day with this and another treat at night with the moonflowers opening up.

In small spaces you have to use EVERY inch! So multi-task your containers for even more enjoyment.

Hope everyone had a safe, happy holiday weekend!

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