Sunday, October 3, 2010

Off the wagon

Okay, so apparently I fell off the blogging wagon this past week...

We had a TON of rain which meant catching up on paperwork, drawings, phone calls, emails, billing, and all the other office things you never have time for when you're busy putting plants in the ground!

I promise this week I will be much more dedicated and organized so I can be here for you guys, I do have some new posts and a few projects I've been working on!

When I started blogging I never thought it'd be something I'd enjoy, but I've found that when I don't post for a few days I miss it.  Even if I'm not one of the "top blogs" that's not the reason I blog.  I blog to get my ideas out there, keep my creative juices flowing and pass on some good tips (I hope!) now and then.  It's also a wonderful community of people who have inspired me, so I hope to pass that along as well.

Hope you all had a great weekend, we just returned home from the THIRD wedding!  Woot-woot!  Three down two more to go!  I will post wedding photos this week, so stick around.  And feel free to drop me a comment or an e-mail, I love to see who's reading!


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