Monday, September 13, 2010

Fun weekend and a Wedding DIY

So this project post wasn't what we did THIS weekend, I'll post on that tomorrow, but it's still a fun project that I thought I'd share. While we were in Wintergreen last weekend with our friends Wendy & Jason (photo below on top of Wintergreen mountain) who are getting married in November we tested one idea for their tall table arrangements.

Wendy and I were pretty tight in High School and somehow managed to drift apart when I headed to Charleston for college. I am two years older and she was still in HS when I went away. We were lucky enough to run into each other one night at the gym, traded numbers and have been back on track ever since. I LOVE it when that happens, so rare, but so wonderful. She was a great friend then and I am lucky to have her back in my life now (here we at the vineyard they're getting married at!)

Wen is a very talented graphic designer so she is not your average bride, she likes the unusual, unique, a little off the wall, so as her "floral and event design helper" we have brainstormed some ways to save some money with not using flowers at every table.

Her mom bought some tall cylinder vases in varying heights which we will fill with green or purple moss and limes and tangerines (I'll show you those one day soon, the photos are on my home computer). We will then add branches, but not just ANY branches, spray painted branches, here is the DIY...

I bought two different types of spray paint, their colors are a rich pumpkin/rust color and a beautiful shade of eggplant/plum. Perfect for a winery wedding in November!

Here is the purple branch:

And here is the copper:

Any thoughts? I promise I'm not crazy to be using branches, and how COOL of a bride to like something that biodegrades when we're done!

I'll post what we ended up with after the wedding in November! Have you done your own tablescapes? Please share! I know you are a talented bunch of bloggers!

Happy Monday!


  1. I cant wait to see more pics of this DIY project! I need all the wedding ideas I can get :)

  2. Using branches as DIY project and home decor pieces. I am glad you gave me idea of using sprays on it. Thanks.