Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gettin' back at it

So I didn't plan on not blogging when I had Graham, but for those of you mammas out there who do, big kudos, and for those of you like me, who fell off the wagon, well, let's try and get back!  I did miss blogging the community, the comments, and I'm going to try and make a comeback.  So bear with me as I try to get up and running.  And oh, by the way, this little cookie is almost ONE-OMG how did that happen??!!  *Amy

Monday, December 5, 2011


So I came across this amazing site through another blog, but I am totally down with this website and couldn't pass up an opportunity to share!! is a genius idea.  Apparently I don't spend enough time on the internet...can't imagine why not...In any event, it's a website that tracks your gift wish list!  It allows you to add things and for other users to see what has been purchased off your list.  A great way to avoid duplicates and an awesome way to track holiday gifting.

And here I thought I was awesome for putting it in my phone-hah, I guess I have a LOT to learn!

Hope this helps keep you a little more organized!

Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Business Cards

So I've had a few things "come up" while I've been out on maternity leave.  The main one has made me realize that I MAY need to get on the ball and actually do something with this little ole blog.  So if you know of anyone who can whip up an amazing blog probably on my own domain name in perhaps wordpress, please, please send them my way!

This break has also led me to pursue business cards, so I've been on the hunt...

Photographer Business Card

I love the simple, clean letterpress.  The graphic scroll around the center is classic but still young and fun.  And the color, totally my jam!

Business Card Bird
This has nothing to do with Landscape and Lifestyles, but I loved the bird cutout.  It would get shredded in my wallet, but still, a very unique idea.

Frosted Plastic Business Card
Totally love the tree and the fact that it's clear, something different that you can SEE the landscape through, very cool.

My talented friend Wendy Wade of Weswen Design will be customizing something for me, so if you want to link up your business cards, please do, I love inspiration!

Happy Monday!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Annnndd, I'm back!

Wow, that was a longer hiatus than I had planned on.  But I can't think of a better reason to be back than to show off this talented lady!!
Lauren Liess of The Pure Style and Pure Style Home has just launched her new textile line.

I was lucky enough to find Lauren through a random website 3+ years ago and we hit it off right away.  She helped us with curtains for our home, and boy oh boy do I wish we had waited a few years!  Lookie here and see what she's been up to!
LL Textiles
LL Textiles "Fog" collection

If you don't know her yet, please RUN do not walk over to her website and blog and check out all her goodies, she is incredibly gifted, kind, funny and one of the most humble people I know.  She has worked her BUTT off to get this off the ground and I can't think of someone more deserving of a huge pat on the back and big hug.

SO proud of you Lauren!  And so proud of your beautiful family for supporting you on this great adventure.

Much love,

All photos were taken by the very talented Helen Norman

Friday, August 26, 2011

Apartment Therapy-we're LIVE!!

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to get in touch with the talented Leah Moss of the blog Moss Eclectic.  She and her husband have two beautiful daughters and just welcomed a son to their family earlier this spring, so I even got some great mom tips!  She is an amazing interior designer, DIY'er, blogger, mom, an Apartment Therapy contributor, and an all around joy to be around, please go visit her blog!

We were so excited and flattered to have her shoot our house & garden a few weeks ago.  I was a bundle of nerves preparing for the big day, being 9 months pregnant probably only made me more OCD-ha!  Leah was cool, calm and so sweet to work with.  I've attached the link to our house tour, so please stop by and check it out.

Image via Leah Moss

This is the first time we've really shown off our house, so be kind :)  I'm going to post some before and after's in the coming weeks.  Now that you've seen the final product, stay tuned and please let me know what you think!  And Leah, thank you SO much for coming and for the beautiful write up, we hope to see you soon!


Something To Celebrate!!

So I've been an inconsistent blogger as of late...and here is my reason...
We are thrilled to welcome the newest additon to our family.
Graham Hunter Strunk
Born 8-14-11
8:54 a.m.
7lbs. 10oz.

We are SO in love and are adjusting well.  He's an amazing sleeper and quite the hungry little guy.  I never knew you could love someone so much.  He's filled our life with so much joy, so we're going to enjoy every second with him!  I will be doing posts while I'm home on maternity leave so please do stay tuned!

Wishing you all a great week & please come back to check in!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Birthday!

No, don't worry, there's no baby to report...yet...but today marks the start of the August Birthday's in my life.  My sweet husband Greg was born today and I am SO thankful to his parents (photo below) for bringing him into the world.
Chris, Susan, Greg and I
Christmas in Naples, FL

Greg, you have made the past 7+ years of my life wonderful in so many ways and I can't imagine my life without you.

You make traveling and exploring new places so much fun.  Plotting and planning are only second to spending every day of vacations with you!
Honeymoon, St. Lucia 
Honeymoon, St. Lucia

Family weddings are always a fun adventure and never boring! 

Cousins wedding
Charleston, SC

You inspire me even more to love the outdoors, nature and animals!  And you MAY even talk me into owning enough acreage one day to have chickens...

Company picnic (Bosses' chickens)

You have made me laugh so many times I've lost count!  Thank you for having a huge heart and an even greater sense of humor.
Eric and Greg
BOW Winery
Eric, Hallie, Amy & Greg
BOW Winery 
Neal, Greg, JR
Barring it up

You have pushed yourself (and me) to try new things we didn't think we could accomplish but did!
After completing our first triathlon

I can't wait to share this next chapter of our life together, you're going to make a wonderful father I can't wait to share even more years with you-300+ still left on our "lease"?
Yesterday-post birthday brunch at my parents house (9 1/2 months)

You are the best friend and partner a girl could ask for.
Happy Birthday bug, I love you!!