Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finding your Niche

Ahh house projects...

They do seem to drag along don't they?

Perhaps it's just us? With five weddings this fall our weekends are VERY limited, typically I work one of the two days which gives Greg and I ONE day to get stuff done together-YIKES!

Lucky for us we are GET IT DONE kinda people (when we are around...)

We usually divide and conquer, I'll dust, swiffer, vacuum and pick up the house, sort the mail, etc...

Greg will throw in laundry and then either get dirty in the garden or build stuff!

This weekend he finished building the niche in our master bathroom:
Mr. Perfection with the level!

Here are the new brackets to hold up the shelves.

And here it is!

And I got to style it!

This is a close-up of the middle shelf, the beach photo is one of our favorites it was taken in Corolla, NC, where Greg's family had a beach house for years and where we got engaged. The footed crystal waterford dish was a wedding present, the fish petroglyph was a present from my mom for Greg's birthday, it's over 4,000 years old. The candle was a recent purchase that is very calming, I light it before I shower and just bliss out and relax.

What do you think?? Spa-like??

We also started a new workout called P90x, very hard, but very awesome! That rain shower is feeling REALLY good these days!

Does your bathroom give you a spa like feeling?


  1. Love a spa like bathroom, and yours looks great! Love your team approach to the home as well! My husband and I just ordered p90x, heard only good things, hasnt arrived yet, bit nervouos! :)