Friday, September 3, 2010

Proven Winners

I spend a LOT of time searching out the right plant for the right place for my jobs. It's a designers dream, much like finding the perfect fabric or wallpaper for an interior designer, we seek to find something that is a reflection of YOU from the outside. This is a container on our back deck with sweet potato vine, geraniums and bidens. They are enjoying the last days of summer, I will be replacing them with fall blooms here shortly (sorry plants, that's your job!)

The plants we choose reflect our homeowner, home, style, taste, lifestyle and are seen from the exterior. Plants are often the first impression others get of your home, that's a LOT of pressure! No one's going to know your kitchen is a mess from the outside, but they will know if there are NO plants welcoming you, or if the holly is "eating the house." Can you even see the two windows hiding behind the holly on the left??

I think the same holds true for container gardening. For people who don't have a lot of space you can really add some drama with containers. I love plants by Proven Winners, a great brand that is owned by three leading US plant propagators I personally think they produce some of the nicest plants in the marketplace. They pay careful attention to trends and bring unique, high performing plants to garden centers throughout the country.

Check out their website, it has great tools on it to design your own containers, or even use their ideas to plant your own!

Have you used any of their plants? Do you change out your containers seasonally? Let me know if you want some tips and tricks for fall containers.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!


Images from: here, both mine, and here

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  1. It is so time to change out my containers. I'll be gone for ten days in a couple of weeks on a buying trip for the store so that will need to wait until I get back. Every year when I get home I can hardly wait to get my mums and pumpkins out. I always feel so behind.