Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pizza Pizza

Although my heritage is Irish and Czechoslovakian, I think I could be Italian...I LOVE their food.  If I had to pick one cultural food to eat forever, it would be Italian.  So when my in-laws suggested a new pizza place that opened up a few blocks from their house I was ON BOARD!
From what I have researched Rosso Pomodoro (translated to "Red Tomato") is a chain that started in, you guessed it, Naples Italy in the 1990s.  They have over 80 restaurants globally.  And they are MUCH more than just a red tomato I assure you! 
The wood floors and chairs match, tables are sleek and the red pleather is stylish and easy to clean.  They also have high tables (which I dig) but you probably can't see. 
Yes, this is the bathroom sink.  I couldn't resist!  What a great bow front dresser!!  It was shiny, shiny!  I LOVE a piece of furniture with a great shape and legs, and I especially love things in high gloss, so this met my quota for cool, hence the photo...don't worry I was alone in the bathroom so no one else thought I was crazy for taking a photo of the sink.  Well, aside from you all, but hey, you blog too, we document all kinds of crazy stuff! 
This was the bar area where you enter the restaurant, sleek white pleather swivel bar chairs with tufting, sign me up!  The slick red counter played nicely off the chairs in the restaurant area, partitioned off by a large sheet of glass.  Oh Italians, you are so stylish!
Here were the two pizza chef's in front of the pizza oven.  In case you were wondering, yes, it was encrusted in tiny gold metallic mosaic tiles.  *I die*  Who wouldn't love a gilded pizza oven??  And yes, my dinner was a thumbs up, grazie mille!

Have you eaten at this chain?  Or do you have a favorite pizza place?  Please share!

Mangia Bene,

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  1. Looks like a fun place! I'm a pizza connoisseur, so I'm sure I would love it.