Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Warm Welcome

Fall is most certainly here in Virginia.  I had to wear my North Face jacket to work today-ahhh, I am NOT ready for the cold!!  I'm off to a container planting job in DC (at the Watergate) some very sweet customers, I will post photos tomorrow.

In the meantime I thought I'd post some doormats I found at my most recent trip to IKEA.  I like to put out a new doormat in the Fall.  We entertain a lot and I think it's nice to have a fresh, clean mat on your stoop to welcome your guests, maybe it's just me??  When I get around to putting out my pumpkins and freshening up my containers this weekend I will post those photos as well.

For now, here are these lovelies.

Round Mat (I like the unique shape!)

Rectangular (But love the geometric pattern!)

Rectangular Mat (I think I could stencil a border or put our initials on it...hmmm...DIY??)

 Any you can't live without?


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