Friday, October 15, 2010

Shed some light

So many garden sheds are eyesores...
Don't worry, I fixed the access to this one...
Sorry it's at an odd angle, I will go back and take a better one the right way...
And then there are some that I WISH were my own!
This was designed and installed by a company called Living Roofs, Inc. they have implemented some BEAUTIFUL designs.  I can't wait until we build or buy a house (we're currently in a townhouse with an HOA) so we can use this technology!

Here is a cedar shed we built and installed in a display outside one of our stores, I love that it looks like it could be used as an outdoor room.
The fall leaf wreath and chimnea are a nice touch to warming up the space.  That cute little sedge by the door is supposed to be that color, it's not dead :).
Here's the left side of the shed, the planter with the face holds an upright pyracantha.  Great orange berries in the fall, wicked thorns all year 'round!

Of course I'm sure you've all seen the beautiful shed/outdoor playroom the talented Lauren Liess and her handy husband Dave built, but if not, go check it out!  I was lucky enough to "find" Lauren online when I was looking for someone to help us with some window treatments almost two years ago and am thrilled to count her as not only my go to resource for any of my interior design dilemma's, but also as a friend.  She is truly as sweet in person as she comes across online and we feel lucky to have her and her family in our lives!
Garden sheds can often be tucked into the landscape so you don't even know they're there, but when you have one that's this beautiful why hide it??

Do you have a shed?  Would you deep-six yours now that you've seen what can be done??

Happy Weekend everyone!

I will be away with my honey all next week in Naples, FL visiting my in-laws.  I will do my best to post, but will mostly be enjoying some fun in the sun and a few mojito's!

Can't wait to see what you've all been up to when I get back, I know I'll be sharing some beautiful photos so check back in Monday the 25th.

Until then,

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  1. i love your career path choice! how interesting. too bad you arnet in the bay area, because we need help with our backyard, bad!

    i love that planter with the upright pyracantha. lovely.