Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Nothing like checking your e-mail at the end of the day when you're feelin' good about all you've accomplished and the new customers you've met that day to read one from an unhappy customer.  Someone I have worked with for several years is mad because we cut a lighting line (UNDERGROUND, UNMARKED that we didn't install!!) when we were planting two weeks ago.  And I told him we could fix it but there would be a charge because it is not our responsibility to not hit things we can't see.  Seems like a reasonable policy.  Apparently not.  So we are going out, at no charge to fix it and hopefully make him a happy customer again.
So I'm feeling a little burned at the moment, sorry for no Watergate photos, I will put them up just not this moment...I'm really ready to call it a day.



  1. I understand that it is almost impossible to find every wire when digging but I was on the other end of this problem when having my landscape work done. We were having large trees put along our fence line and told the landscaper that the underground phone wires were all over back there so please do the 1call (something in our area where they come out and mark all of the utility lines) but he didn't and he dug up the lines. The phone company came out and patched the wires. He did it again and then a third time guess what happened the phone company refused to come out, they thought we were doing it on purpose and on top of that there is a fine if you don't use the 1call service. Long story long...we had no phone for 3 weeks. Unfortunately there always is another side to the story.

  2. A tough situation indeed! I thought everytime ANY digging occurs Miss Utilities has to come out and mark all the lines?

  3. Miss Utility DID mark, any time we put a shovel to the ground we have to call. These were private lines intsalled by another contractor, legally Miss Utility is only required to mark public utility lines, not private ones.

  4. Amy, what a bummer! I hope your extra worked pays off. I've been in a similar situation, and it's the worst especially when you think you've covered all the necessary steps. Hope this week is a better one! The watergate client's garden looks awesome!