Monday, October 25, 2010

Back in Action!!

The first day back from vacation is always hard!  Especially when you've left the BEACH!
I miss waking up when my body is ready instead of when my alarm sounds.
I miss tooling around on our bikes and checking out the flora and fauna.
I miss drinking my coffee while reading a magazine and munching on AMAZING pineapple.
I miss being spoiled by my in-laws when they cook or take us out for cocktails or dinner nightly :)
I miss wandering 5 blocks to hit the beach when we're ready, whatever time that may be,
But MOST of all,
I miss being with my husband all the time.
Cheesy, I know, but we really do have a blast together and vacation is the only time we really get to chill out all day every day.
I will put up some more Florida fun photos tomorrow, I did get one afternoon of shopping in, so stay tuned, they had some GORGEOUS things!

Can't wait to see what you all were up to!  Did you miss me??


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