Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Watergate...With no Scandal...

I was lucky enough to get some very sweet customers who live in the Watergate.   Yes, THAT Watergate...
Image from: here

They have a first floor apartment, actually first and second floor, but they have a ground level patio.  The fountain was there when I began working with them although we have "redecked it" because the wood was getting old.  The cedar is turning a nice silvery gray now that it's been in a full season.

You can see it in this photo, their sculpture is stitting on the pond ledge.
I update their containers every 4 months so things are fresh and they have season color to enjoy when they entertain.  The wife will leave me a message letting me know "It's time for you (meaning me) to work your magic, put us on the schedule."  Who doesn't love a voicemail like that??
I added this very cool Cinderella pumpkin to the grouping of pots and stuck a little pansy in their terra cotta fish container.
Here is one of their stuccoed walls.  The trellis was there when I began working on the space.  There was a wisteria on the lattice that had never bloomed.  So I removed it and added Carolina Jessamine a semi-evergreen vine with a beautiful tubular yellow flower and a purple clematis.  They now have color spring, summer and fall and have something green covering the wall in the winter.

I got a happy phone call from them last night saying "We love it all!"  So if they're happy, I'm happy!


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  1. oh my gosh! i love a patio garden. so jealous that you got a peek inside watergate!