Friday, July 9, 2010

Organic Flowers & July Birthday's

July for us is BIRTHDAY madness, I think we have 10 birthday's this month alone! I am big into Birthday's, I know not everyone is, but to me they're a big deal and should be celebrated!

When we were little our mom and dad always had our place at the table set with a candle, confetti and our special birthday mug. They did little things throughout the day to make us feel special like put a note in our lunchbox, and we always had our favorite dinner made for us.

I always chose ice-cream cake and still do, some things never change! I think Carvel is the BEST, that crunchy chocolate layer in the middle is YUMMMMY!

We are also a family big on presents, now don't get me wrong, they do NOT have to be big, or bought. They can be small gestures like a thoughtful card-my sister makes awesome IOU cards, like "Valid for one pedicure and manicure day" so we get to spend time together and have a little birthday treat.

Those who know me, know I LOVE flowers, I know what you're thinking. Obviously Amy, you're a Landscape Designer...They do not have to be expensive or unusual, there is little that makes me happier than fresh flowers, aside from my sweet husband, family and good friends of course! And perhaps that cake, or maybe Raspberry wine, hmmmm...Well I'm getting off track.

The reason for this post was to mention Organic Bouquet, it's a great website that offers pesticide free flowers! I know everyone knows of the big companies and FTD, etc, but this is lesser known and I think needs to be passed around.

So, if you have as many birthday's as we do, and LOVE fresh flowers or just want to let someone know you're thinking about them, hop on over and send some beauty their way.

Here are two of my faves:

Are birthday's a big deal to you? Do you do something special or is it "just another day?"

And a VERY Happy Birthday to all the July babies in our life! Many more happy, healthy years to you!

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