Monday, July 26, 2010

Good times

This was a very busy, fun-filled weekend for us, we had some family friends visiting from Germany and had a great lunch catching up. Their beautiful little girls had a BLAST running through the new fountain in Reston Town Center. I was a BAD blogger and forgot my camera, so I found this image from an interesting blog called ObamaPacman that follows Apple products and their high-profile users.

The girls LOVED running through the fountain, each individual fountain spout comes up at a different time in a different area in the grid, so the kids chase the water (a GREAT way to wear them out!) It's hilarious to watch, and I wished I hadn't been wearing a dress or I would have been chasing the kids around too-hahha.

I had also already showered because we had tickets to the Zac Brown Band/Dave Matthews Band Concert at National's Park that night.

It was a great concert but it was SOO HOT. The ladies wore sundresses in hopes to keep cool, and even still I think I sweated off a few pounds, hey, a girl can hope right?

Saturday was for cooling off and re-hydrating, I won "The Best Wife Award" for volunteering to watch Star Wars Return of the Jedi. I think I've seen the original ones, but it's been a million years, okay, probably 15+ and I didn't remember them well, so Greg made a deal that for every chick flick movie he watches with me, I have to watch a guy movie with him. (Please note, we've been married almost 5 years, and I've just watched the 3rd Star Wars movie, if you're not a math whiz, I'll help you out, it was NOT a fair trade for him) so I do cave on occasion and watch something he wants. Hey, he doesn't complain, most of the time...

We were invited to a pizza night at our friends house and played a rousing game of Catch Phrase, for those of you not familiar, GO BUY IT! I LOVE games, and apparently so do our friends, so it was requested I bring it along. Us ladies got CRUSHED when we played at 4th of July (photo below), but Saturday night we dominated.

Sunday I worked, ugh, in the oppressive heat, good news, we got a flash thunderstorm around 3 and I got to leave early-yipee!!

That meant extra time to clean the house and do a little garden tending. Greg was SO proud to show me our NEW BABY FISH!! After our koi was killed I have been a little "anti pond", so seeing new baby fishies made me happy! As my sister would say "Cue...Circle of Life"

I know the photo is blurry, they are in moving water after all, but here are a few of the little guys!

And here is a little purple and white striped verbena in one of my pots on our lower flagstone patio.

Do you block out weekends for nothing but relaxing? Or do you plan, plan plan??

Happy Monday!

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