Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Surprise Balcony Planting

One of the projects I haven't mentioned in my posts yet, was planting some balcony planters for our friends that own Xander he's in an earlier post (not sure how to link to it-sorry!). They were out of town one weekend and had hoped for some herbs and flowers on their balcony (before photo below.)

So Greg and I surprised them by planting it all for them while they were gone.

They just moved into this super cute condo/townhouse and hadn't had the time to plant anything. Of course having me "on staff" makes it a little easier! Greg and I ran over to the garden center friday night to get the best stash of plants before the weekend crowds hit.

I found these awesome trough planters for about $30.00 each and Greg installed them on each of the 4 sections of their railing.

There requirements were simple, herbs for cooking and flowers for looks. Done and done. I love the look of herbs and flowers mixed, so Greg and I set out to create a diverse garden on this HOT, HOT terrace.

I left all the plant tags in front of each of the plants (I don't usually do this), but they wanted to have the plant info handy so they knew the care requirements, yay for responsible customers!

We filled each container with a moisure-retaining potting mix, genty removed the plants from their containers, teased the roots gently and tucked them into their new soil. We gave everything a really good watering and left them a watering can so they could do the same when they got home.

Here is the finished product:

We are going to be at their house on Saturday to celebrate The Birthday Girl, so I will take some UP close photos since things have filled in a little.

Do you like the combo of herbs and flowers? Do you mix them in your own containers?


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