Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Berkley Springs, WV

On the way to and from Pittsburgh this weekend, we made a little stop in Berkley Springs, WV. It's about halfway into the trip and we all LOVE a good excuse to stretch our legs, have a bite to eat and of course shop!

Mom and Kathy found Tari's a great local restaurant on one of their trips up to PA awhile ago, so we popped in for a delicious hamburger and wrap, I'm big on sharing (it's the small child in me)

Then we puttered through one of the Antique malls, what a TON of treasures they had!

I loved all the colored glass, especially this turquoise vase.

I know Eddie and Jaithan would do some AMAZING things with this crackle glass pitcher and glass set...

The REAL reason for stopping here however, is the HOT SPRINGS!!

So, of course we couldn't pass that up! Here are the individual rooms, they fill the roman bath with spring water heated to 102 degrees and you soak for 30 minutes. It's supposed to heal your ailments and be really good for you, so we gave it a try!

After our bath Kathy and I splashed in the springs outside, yes, we were with the little kids, but hey, we had fun!!

Have you ever stopped here or at another Hot Spring? Do you love weekends away with "the girls??"


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  1. those roman baths are so neat! i'd love to try that...