Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can't Win

Do you ever feel like somedays you just can't win? I got a nasty customer comment today, passed down from my boss, always a crummy start to the day. Even crummier part was that I did EVERYTHING right for them.

I know I'll be fine tomorrow, for now I've got to get through today.

What do you do to shake the negative vibes? Any advice other than wanting to go to the gym and work out your frustrations then lounge by the pool??


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  1. I hate days like these. Try to let it roll of your back the best you can...and you know what, sometimes the customer isn't right (just whiney!)

  2. Hi Amy, sorry to hear your day got started off badly. I'm sure you did everything you could, some people are just never happy, no matter how good you do your job. If you are happy with the job you did, and you did it according to their specs. , then try to let it go.

    P.S. thanks for the advice on my landscaping, I guess I always think of leyland cypress for those long expansive wall borders, but I really do like cryptomeria better. I'll have to switch to those, especially if you say they are more hardy. Do they grow as fast though? I'm looking for things that grow relatively quickly, but I also want durability.

    Take Care, Carrie