Wednesday, July 21, 2010


As I was sourcing some outdoor furniture for a customer, I came across a new line called Loom by JANUS et Cie® For those of you not familiar, they are entering their 28th year of providing stylish and often cutting edge furniture throughout the world.

I was fascinated by this new line as it is created from paper twine, reinforced with wire for strength and woven on huge looms. The owner, Janice Feldman partnered with Vincent Sheppard to use this technique originally invented by Marshall Burns Lloyd in 1906. I love how so many old ideas are becoming rejuvenated.

The result is spectacular. It is weatherproof, comfortable and above all, really attractive! Read more about it on their website in my first link.

The company offers an array of options as far as color and cushions go, so there is something for everyone.

Go check out their website or this article in Garden Design for even more beautiful images. Although I LOVE my FSC Teak furniture we bought I wish I had another patio for this line! Hmm, keep it in my file for the next house maybe on a patio such as this one below...

Do you like this line? Would you use it?


Images from: here, here and here

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