Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Recap

Hopefully everyone had a nice long weekend, I actually did too! I took some work home and got a LOT done, with a short week this week and leaving for vacation on Saturday I wanted to make sure I could get away and really relax,. There's nothing worse than going on vacation knowing there's a pile of work waiting for you when you get back. So, I finished this plan and mailed it off to the customer, they e-mailed me with some questions and they're excited to get planting!

We also taped off the baseboards in the hall bath and our master bath and got the first coat of paint on them.

Saturday night we met a friend out for dinner at Faccia Luna and had their delicious pizza. I WISH we had our own pizza oven, there is nothing like hot crizpy pizza to make your mouth water!

Since our POOL opened this weekend we managed to carve out a few hours to lounge, relax and read and of course work on our base tan in preparation for Jamaica...

A family BBQ was in order for yesterday and we got to do some yardwork for my parents. All in all it was a nice, but BUSY weekend. Is there ever an end to the projects??

Did any of you relax, or did you crank through tasks on the "honey do list?"

Happy beginning of the SHORT week!


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  1. I love a short week. I really do. And a long weekend. Shouldn't they all be this way?! I had no pool time but if I did, I would have wanted to go to your pool....that looks like such fun!