Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Day Before...

Saturday, the day before race day, we went down to DC to check in, get our packets, wrist band, and photo taken. We also had to check in our bike and were allowed to test the waters in the Potomac for a practice swim.

We did a little trip around the EXPO, nothing we had to have, and we were anxious to drive the course to see what to expect.

Greg dropped me off with the bikes and went to park, DC is not known for ease of parking, so I walked the bikes up to the transition area, put our stickers on and waited.

Once the bikes were racked safely, we headed across the street to hit the water! Greg and I are both strong swimmers, so this was the least of our worries, but it's still good to practice. That way there are NO surprises race morning. The swim was good, the water temp. was 77, actually nice. No three eyed-fish or dead bodies to report, a little current, but nothing to worry about. Here is the dock and "corral" we were waiting in to start the next morning.

With that accomplished, we headed home to get out of the sun, re-hydrate, eat a good pasta dinner and call it an early night!

I'm adding a RACE DAY post too, so stay tuned!

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