Thursday, June 24, 2010

Goodbye Detergent!

I first saw these in Shape magazine and of course took it to the gym when I was done reading it (my little way to recycle and get other people reading!)

Then last night, I was flipping through an older Martha Stewart Magazine I saw this amazing product line by Goodbye Detergent.

Twice in two months, it was meant to be! I thought to myself, "Where have you been all my life" I LOVE to clean! I know I TRY to be good and use green products when cleaning, but I'm sure even though I'm conscious of it, I probably use more soap than necessary, I mean I want things CLEAN after all! Seeing suds usually means TOO much soap, bubbles are good - in Champagne, not in laundry and dishes...

They have three different products:

Their Original Spaghetti Scrubs

These look like the perfect green solution. The coarse scrubber is made from from corn cobs and the gentle is made from peach pits. They don't need soap to clean unless you have a VERY greasy job. Because they're organic and dry quickly they will not mold or mildew and smell like a typical kitchen sponge.

Plus, I think they're VERY cool looking!

Kitchen Cleaning Pads

They have a great variety of options in this category for every surface in your kitchen. I think I'll be adding these to my "wish list", especially the stainless steel one, fingerprints no more!

Outdoor Scouring Pads

Last but certainly not least. Their website says these are great for outdoors, I wish I hadn't cleaned my Teak furniture yet! I'll have to give these babies a whirl next season to see how they work. I know MANY of you are DIY'ers, what a great way to strip some paint without being all laughy and tox'd out.

Have any of you tried these? Would you? What are your thoughts??

Stay cool if you're in the DC/VA area, it's a scorcher today!

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  1. i love the scrubs, would love to try to see if I can find them anywhere. Thanks for popping over to Housewife Bliss, was delighted that you were mentioned on the post...and so sorry it has taken me so long to come around...the move is one long process and each day I have yet another little something keeping me from being on line. All the best, Coryanne