Monday, June 28, 2010

Tasteful Totes

Since it's full-fledged summer here in VA, I thought I'd post on one of my favorite activities...THE POOL! And what accessory do you need when you go? Well, obviously a swimsuit, sunscreen, sunglasses, a stash of magazines and towel, but to take it all with you while looking stylish you need...A TOTE! I'm sure I will do a post on the above mentioned items, but for now I've had my eye on these lovelies:

Collapsible Basket from Garnet Hill. They come in a great array of colors and patterns and are not only perfect for pool accessories, but also farmers market trips and flea marketing (other summer faves!) And for you TRUE southerners, they can be MONOGRAMMED-yessss!

As a "green" person along with being a water baby, I have an affinity for these beautiful recycled sail totes from Re-Sails. They have a TON of options, you can even customize the bag with your children's sports number, I would have been ALL over this had they had these when I was younger. Alas, now I have to use them as an adult, you can just FEEl my arm twisting :)

For all you nature lovers, this bamboo print tote from Wrapables would be a nice light bag, it also collapses into practically nothing, so you can store it when it's not filled to the brim!

This gorgeous woven bamboo tote is too good looking to NOT put on here. Also from Wrapables, after it's use as a pool carry-all, I would probably use it as a purse as well, love the detailing, handles and liner!

Do you need to "upgrade" your pool tote this year? Do any of these make the list?


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