Thursday, May 27, 2010

Take Xander to work day

I know most people have a "take your daughter or son to work day", but seeing that Greg and I or any of our friends aren't old enough to have kids to take to work yet, I was LUCKY enough to get to bring Xander. Some good friends of ours just picked up their 9 week old Golden Retreiver Puppy on Monday night and they needed a dog walker today. Yes, twist my arm right? Being a Landscape Designer, my job is very independent. So I thought it'd be best for the dog (and me really) for him to be with me all day instead of just taking him for ONE walk! Okay, a partly selfish reason being his "Dog-mother" instead of "God-mother" to want the CUTEST puppy with me all day, but it's also good for him to be socialized, perhaps more of me being selfish...In any event, here are our adventures thus far.

Picked him up and went for a little walk around their neighborhood, a quick stop at the Garden Center to return a plant and meet some fellow dog lovers. He also got a pup-peroni treat while there.

Next up checking on a job and a quick nap in the grass, I know, life is rough:

Off to another job, here he is in the car:

They gave me his car carrier crate, but he whimpered when I put him in it. So either he doesn't like it and I'm not a good enforcer, or I'm too much of a sucker for that sweet face and a whimper! Heaven help me when I have children. So I laid down a towel, pushed the seat forward and let him ride co-pilot. Plus, I found that he LOVES the a/c blasting on his face, dogs really do make you smile.

We are now back at the office working on a plan, he's lounging on my feet, and will then be off to another job and then home to his mommy & daddy. Hopefully he'll be nice and tired by the end of the day, from the looks of things I think I'll be right!

Have any of you taken your dogs to work? Or am I just lucky to have dog-sat the calmest most agreeable puppy out there? Does this last forever or is it just the "honeymoon" stage??

Lots of LICKS,

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