Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Precious Pollinators

I'm going to do a few posts this week on this one topic, so read along and please come back to check in!

I know lots of people run to their local garden center, Home Depot, Lowes or Farm Stands on a weekend to grab whatever bright, bursting flowers are available to tuck into your containers back at home. Often people give little thought to the arrangement. Do NOT take this to mean I think you don't care...what I'm trying to say is VERY different...What I MEAN is you don't realize the choices you make have far-reaching consequences.

If you knew that 90% of flowering plants and food crops depend on pollinators you MIGHT feel differently about your plant selection. (Statistic from "The Forgotten Pollinators" by Buchmann and Nabhan, 1996.) Book from Amazon.

With the increase of development, and the decrease of available farmable land, these critical pollinators are dwindling.

This is NOT meant to scare you, or worry you, or cause you to stop reading! If anything it is meant to inform you and to guide you in making better decisions. The even better news is that by choosing plants that provide food and shelter for these hard-working pollinators, you are supporting our own food supply and creating more diversity in our world!

Food, Water, Shelter and a place to raise their young are the essential habitat requirements, doesn't seem so hard right? It's not!

So who are these magical pollinators??

Stay tuned, as I said in the beginning, I will give you an overview of these pollinators in each post this week to give you more info!

Do you like this idea and find it helpful? Or are you too set in your ways to change??

Let me know, feedback as you know is critical, good, bad or ugly! (Not that any of you are ugly, bloggers are the nicest group of people with big hearts and kind words!)


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