Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shiny Pebble Celebration

Some days you wonder how you got so lucky...I felt that way when Catherine of The Shiny Pebble found my blog.

She was the second person to comment (for those of you who can remember WAY back to starting out, comments are a BIG deal. They give you encouragement to continue blogging even when few are commenting) and she continues to be a source of inspiration for me. She's smart, funny, kind and always manages to make me smile. So I couldn't be more thrilled to join her at the wrap party for her Designer Challenge Finale.

It is a LINK party, so feel free to join in!

Since Catherine is very chic, and this IS a swanky party after all, I would have my driver drop me off right at the white carpet. Even a red carpet is too common for this caliber of an event!

Of course the papparazzi want in to this party, but NO such luck, this is by invite only, and brush on past.

When arriving at the tent, check that awesome coat and show off this little number.

I'd be wearing these stunners from Cartier's Caresse d'orchidées collection on my ears, I am a Landscape Designer after all, I have to represent my field of work!

No necklace since the dress has ruffles and I'm not into "busy", but I'd stack a few of these Devi bangles from Stella Dot on my wrist, my contact being the talented Janell Beals over at Isabella & Max Rooms.

As for the dancincg shoes, a little Gucci goes a long way...

Of course I do travel in style, and come prepared with a bottle of my favorite Champagne, Veuve Clicquot and two glasses, I'd find our great hostess and toast to all of her successes!

We'd mosey on over to the bar (this photos was a wedding designed by Preston Bailey in Jakarta Indonesia)

And then check out the amazing selection at the raw bar:

After many more snacks we'd finish off with dessert from the VERY talented Amy Atlas and dance off into the night!

Well I am PLUM tuckered out from all that fun with such amazing women, I am off to nap it off, right here!

Happy Wednesday and THANK YOU Catherine for being you and throwing such a FAB party!



  1. You clean up good, girl! :D
    What a fab job getting dressed for the event. My dream is to own the ring from the orchid collection. I almost used that very picture from Preston Bailey's site. Loooooooved having you at the party.
    Hugs and kisses

  2. Ditto what Catherine said. This is a wonderful post, I'm totally into your style, ladybug. Come see what C's wearing over at my place, along with a few of her friends. So happy to have found you, I love gardening, being outside, making something pretty which rewards me every day. xx's

  3. Elegant and posh posting for the party at Catherine's. Isn't it fun!! I have been so excited about this!

    Come and see what I have put together and we'll have fun!

    Art by Karena

  4. So glad to have met you at the party, your outfit is divine!! You are so right about the paparazzi, and about the comments, lol!! Our original commenters mean so much, don't they :)

    Drop on by my blog anytime, I would love to have you there. Going to snoop around your some more...

  5. I too, am glad to have met you. I've just been blogging for 4 months and live and die by comments. Isn't that crazy, but we all need affirmation. From the looks of your party pics and other things I've seen here, I feel sure I will be back. Would love to have you stop by and see my soire as well. Catherine has been so generous and inspired us all. Mona

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  7. The perfect little black dress -and accessories one can never go wrong there.

    I must confess I did snoop like OneCraftyFox suggests and love the makeover with that front yard... I am a Master Gardner -- I must confess though the gardens dictate to me what and where the plants want to be planted and will grow,

    Keep on blogging -- your blog is lovely. Come on over after the party and visit my blog anytime you are most welcome.

  8. I am new too and to have more than 2 comments for me is crazy! I had the Catherine Angel find my blog as well and it's a whole new world that has unfolded in my little laptop! You did an amazing job pulling it together :)