Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pre Race

Sunday 3 A.M. - Yikes that's early! Our alarm went off, I was up at 2:57 ready to go even before the alarm, which is UNHEARD of, I am usually dead to the world. I guess my internal clock was ready!

We were smart and packed our gear the night before and double checked each other's bags so we were sure we weren't forgetting anything important. We had even laid out our breakfast so we didn't have to think that early.

Here we are before we left the house. I went and had my hair french braided the night before so it would stay tight and I wouldn't have to mess with it at all. They used more hairspray than would be at a southern ball, and man did it work!

Sunday 4 A.M. - We had to check our bikes in on Saturday so we put our gear in the car and drove down to the parking lot in downtown DC. We met our friend Marian (she's in the white shirt in the photo below.) She's also who got us signed up for these shenanagins (one of her favorite words) and hopped on the bus to take us to the transition area.

We were ALL nervous energy at this point, just trying to remember our checklists, setup process, etc. We had to be out of the transition area by 5:15.

Thankfully when we got off the bus one of our AWESOME coach's Matias was there, all smiles, he has more energy that anyone I've ever met! He of course had extra gels, tape, body glide (more on this later), a bike pump, and I'm sure he had rocket fuel stored somewhere as well ;) he is WICKED fast.

We got into our transition area and set up all of our gear since we wouldn't be allowed back in until after our swim. Then we went to get body marked. They put your race number on your left arm, and your age on your left calf. This allows them to track you throughout the course, plus it makes you feel a little badass, okay, maybe that was just me...

Sunday 6 A.M. - Greg was supposed to start at 5:45, but we found out we were delayed because they had to close one more road on the course, AND we were waiting for the Mayor, Adrian Fenty to arrive, he was doing the welcome announcement AND racing. We were lucky enough to get a great group shot with him.

They played the National Anthem and we were off!!

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