Friday, June 18, 2010

Housewife Bliss

So the world of blogging seems to be never ending. Just when you think you've gotten a handle on things something new pops up. This morning I was THRILLED to have stumbled upon the great blog of Housewife Bliss, and even more STUNNED to see myself mentioned! Yikes! My first mention on another blog, what a cool feeling.

The ever talented Catherine of The Shiny Pebble e-mailed me asking about Arizona and desert gardening awhile back. She is one BUSY lady, she just threw an amazing blog party, go link in! How she manages to find the time is unbelieveable, I think she has MORE than 24 hours in her day ;) Perhaps it's because she's in a different time zone? Just kidding, I'm not THAT blonde!

With winding up our busiest season and just getting back from vacation I didn't think to ask anything further of it. But today I was doing my usual blog browsing and was so excited to see my name, quote and LINK on her site, I called my husband and promptly sent him the link. Haha, you can laugh at me or with me if you want, but I think it's a big deal.

This is a preview of a beautiful "Dry Wit" garden designed by Margaret Joplin, photo by Tim Fuller, but and there are more photos on her site, so head on over and check out either of these two amazing women's sites and give a big welcome back to the USA to Coryanne otherwise known as Mrs. Bliss.

Do you all remember your first mention?

Floating on Cloud 9 today,

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  1. I do actually. I was giddy for a week. :D
    YOU did an awesome job on the mentioned post and your party link. Hugs and kisses