Thursday, May 6, 2010

We put the FUN in Functional...

So I must say, although this project is ALMOST done we really have had a blast. My husband and I can do pretty much everything or nothing together and still have fun. I think that's how you know you married "the right one." This past weekend inspired by the GLASS going in (photo below) we decided to install our towel bars.

Now I'm sure most builders don't ever think about using the space the way a homeowner would, our towel bar (yes, ONE) in the master bathroom wasn't cutting it. Poor Greg had to hang his towel on the back of the door (boo) and it never quite dried (even bigger BOO!) Yes, I got the one bar (true princess!) We remedied that in the remodel and have installed TWO BIG towel bars, so they can both dry...together!

We measured out the space by holding up the bar and towel to see how far apart they'd need to be. We marked the plate that screws into the wall first to make sure they'd be level.

Once they were in fact level and evenly spaced we drilled away!

Here I am screwing in the base of the towel bar.

The first one is up and the second one is on it's way!

And here is the finished product:

We're certainly enjoying it! Let me know if you guys do? Any of you have Chrome? Or are you brass or brushed nickel people??


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  1. I'm totally inspired! 1 1/2 years since giving our baths makeovers we are still towel bar-less, and probably wash our towels way more often than we need to b/c of it. Our faucets are chrome so I'll probably go with chrome with the bars too. Yours look great.

    The whole bath redo is looking fabulous!