Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So Fresh

As I was headed out the door this morning I spritzed myself with this, it's become my standby fragrance.

Sugar Lychee is the scent and the creator is a company called Fresh. I found their store while on a family trip to Boston a few years ago and fell in LOVE. I am NOT a big fragrance wearer, probably because of my job...landscape design...sliding down muddy hills in boots doesn't usually call for perfume...But this had me hooked. I was happy to find another store in New York on our annual girls trip and am thrilled they carry it at Sephora now, so I don't have to go TOO far to get it!

Their description of the fragrance is:
Top Notes: Grapefruit, Italian Lemon, Lime Blossom
Middle Notes: Lychee, Lotus Flower, Freesia
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Amber

Anyone else have a signature scent? Or are you mood dependent? They sell much more than just fragrances, so check them out!


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  1. Ah! My favorite line - though I can't narrow it down to just one scent :) Currently I'm wearing pomegranate currant (though I think it's been discontinued) but it's sort of wintery. I need to update!