Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hellooo pretty

This Clematis growing up the right side of our garage made me so happy I thought I'd snap a photo to share with you all! It was one of the few things that "came with the house" that we kept. I remember looking at our house while it was on the market and this was in bloom. Although we LOVED the house I LOVED this Clematis too! I think the cultivar is 'Jackmanii' although since it was inherited I'm not 100%. Most Clematis like to have their vines and buds in the sun and roots in the shade. Ours gets about 7-10' tall and about 3' wide, we do cut it back to the ground every spring to keep it, fat, full and heavy bloomin!

Here are the tight buds getting ready to open:

Just starting to peek out:

Open enough to see that stunning ultra-violet purple:

Faded flower once totally opened:

Well hello there pretty!

Perhaps I'll do a little "judicious pruning" when I get home tonight and tuck a few of these into a vase to tumble out on my kitchen table, I'll keep you posted.

Have a great day!

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