Friday, May 7, 2010

Bake For Hope

If there is one cause that is close to my heart, it's Breast Cancer. My Aunt has survived it twice, she's one of 2.5 millions survivors (as of 2008)! I have clients who have it, one of my best friends mom's had it and sadly passed away because of it, thankfully none of our younger friends have been diagnosed, although with statistics saying 1 in 8 women will get the disease, I'm sure sadly it's only a time game. I have done "Race for the Cure" through Susan G. Komen in the past, but this year was intrigued by a flyer I saw called "Bake for Hope" . The Pear Tree Cottage, a cute shop in Vienna, VA where I have taught seminars is hosting the event, TODAY May 7th from 12-5. And we all know I LOVE to bake, so count me in!

Last night I whipped up these babies (photo below) from Martha Stewart's book "Cupcakes". They are her Strawberry Cupcake, however I made my own buttercream frosting and added the Pink Ribbon sprinkles to the top.

Here's a little behind the scenes baking and decorating process!

Chopped strawberries to be folded into the batter!

Mixing the batter with my AMAZING KitchenAid mixer, can't live without that baby!

Here I am folding in the strawberries, mmmm...

And then pouring them into the CUTE pink ribbon cupcake holders-just a side note, IF you should make these, they DO rise, so really only fill them 3/4 full. I had a few FAT cupcakes.

Finally, they were being frosted by me and sprinkled by my sweet husband. Honestly, I don't know many men that would put up with this nonsense! As if I have nothing else to do, aside from work an 11+ hour day, train for a triathlon, make dinner and then BAKE, haha, I guess I'm really good at overcommitting. Hey, at least I get it all done! Here they are, in their cupcake carrier from The Container Store before I dropped them off!

They were a HUGE hit, they've got TONS of great baked goods and all the proceeds go to a GREAT cause. So if you're in the area stop by! Have a GREAT weekend all!


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