Friday, May 14, 2010

Blue Heron vs. My Koi

Well, the heading should give you a clue that it was NOT a fair fight. When we first bought our house (it'll be 3 years in June) the previous owners had a pond, okay, a watering hole with a spitting fish. (That's me being nice.) It was really a hole in the ground with liner and some misplaced rocks. (Photo below)

But thankfully, being the uber-talented visionary landscape designer that I am (ego boost is needed today, continue to'll see why) had a vision for the space. And thankfully, my husband a fellow tree-hugger and plant geek (through helping me in study in grad school) wanted the same things for this space.

His birthday present that August was a backyard overhaul. My amazing crew built us a pond, a REAL pond. I spray-painted the outline did a rough overview with my guys and they went to work, and we left town, gotta love delegating!

This was what we came home to! Don't mind all the liriope, they have all been changed, I will post updates as the season progresses.

The real reason for this post is our FISH. We each got a butterfly koi, mine a silver beauty who I named Silverado, yes, I named her, don't laugh, and Greg's was gold-no name, typical guy...She was beautiful, sleek and sexy, she would twist around in circles when we came outside.

She looked very much like this fish (photo below) from here

We go out every night when we get home to feed them. Often with a glass of wine we'll toss them their food, sit there and watch them eat and play as we unwind and talk about our day. For the past two nights I have been working late and Greg has been on fish duty. Well, last night he came into the kitchen with a VERY sad face. He was holding something in his hand...FISH SCALES. UGGGGHHHHHHH. He said "This is all that's left" and as my heart started racing faster I said "LEFT OF WHAATT??" Then promptly burst into tears. It seems that our pond has been stalked by this beastly bird (A Great Blue Heron) photo from Shari Green

So I spent the evening moping around and having Greg console me by promising to take me fish shopping this weekend. I plan to add fishing line to some of the pond, so it's unseen but will catch any other predators from fishing in my pond!

Happy Weekend to all and keep your pets safe!



  1. So sorry to hear. I can totally relate to your sense of loss. My husband had a beautiful beta fish that I was in charge of keeping (I love animals) and one day i changed its water and must have forgotten to put the drops in. He started turning grey and I totally panic'd. There was nothing I could do to save him (I googled it)and felt so bad about the whole thing that I can not bring myself to replace the fish. We have dogs and a cat, and thank goodness, they are well kept and healthy. So far.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I'm sorry to hear about the beta fish, it's funny how attached you get to animals! Glad to hear the cats and dogs are doing well, they're definatley noiser so they probably get lots of attention :) *Amy

  3. oh no!!!!!!!!!!!! so sad amy!!

    you need to go ninja on that heron!!

  4. Oh, that is awful!!! My husband wants a pond in our backyard...I think we have too many trees and shade though.

  5. Terrible!!! I love koi...and I used to love blue herons too :)