Monday, May 24, 2010

Bursting Baskets

Saturday we did a LOT of outdoor work, it was beautiful and we couldn't resist getting our planters "up to par." You would think I'd be way ahead of the curve, being a Landscape Designer...well, I think that old saying of The Cobbler's kids never have shoes isn't far from the truth! Spring is SO insane I don't always have time to get things in. Plus, it hasn't been warm enough here to get things growing. (Hmm, maybe that's just my excuse?) :) In any event, this is what I was up to!

We have nice white wire baskets filled with coco-liner (photo below)

I had already started adding soil, but these babies were going in next! There is a hot pink geranium, a tri-color sweet potato vine and a purple million bells.

Here is my "staging area" one of the teak chairs on our back patio. Not exactly a formal potting bench, but it's a good height, easy to clean off and can be repurposed when we entertain.

And here they are now:

These will bloom all summer long with little maintenance. The sweet potato vine and million bells will trail out of the container eventually hiding most of it while the geranium will fill up the back and will give a burst of color to the fence. With a little deadheading and some water from our Rain Barrel (if it ever stops raining here) we'll enjoy them until frost!

Do you plant annuals? And if so, have you gotten around to your containers?

Happy Monday!


  1. I do plant annuals, usually on flowerbeds. My containers hold mostly perenial shrubs, but they sure could use some color. Just yesterday I finally got around to planting my summer color on the flowerbeds, but I am thinking it is alreay too late as temps have gone up past 85 already. What can I say, toddler first, gardening whenever!

  2. I have two enormous flowerbeds in front of our house - they are basically our only landscaping - and they are currently EMPTY. My goal is to figure out which annuals I want before the end of the week but I do know I want lots of color! Love what you've done with your containers. They are pretty already...they'll be even better within no time!

  3. Amy, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! And the comment... YES! I know what you mean about the ice cream! A good motivator!
    I have a hard time with a hosta! I am so impressed with what you can do!
    Have a pretty day!