Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Right Plant, Wrong Place

So often in design, especially what I do, we see things such as this:

Or even this:

We've all seen it, often a beautiful tree that needs to be sheared, pruned, or clipped within an inch of it's life because the proper plant was not planted in the first place.

Trees are valuable assets in the landscape, they can:
Add value to your home
Enhance beauty to the surrounding area
Frame views
Help with passive cooling and heating of your home when sited correctly
Act as property divisions
Screen out eyesores
Create focal points through our various seasons
And MUCH more

By choosing the right tree for your site you can avoid future problems by working with the space you have. With all the developments in plant genetics, often there are smaller or dwarf cultivars of what I call "mainstream" plants. You have to have the knowledge to know what the plant is going to mature into in order to know if you have the space for it or not. Knowing somethings characteristics and dimensions is one of the most important things in design. I know many of you interior designers wouldn't select an item you couldn't fit into a client's house-we have to do the same thing with plants.

We live in a townhouse and manage to have a redbud tree in our front yard. I know it's a small tree by landscape standards, but still ranging about 20' wide and high. How you may ask do we have the space?? We used a weeping cultivar called 'Lavender Twist' also called 'Covey'. It's not in bloom yet, but its buds are swelling every day, and as soon as the color starts to show I'll put a photo up!

Let me know if you have plant questions, I'm happy to help ensure you get the plant for the right place!


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  1. Great point! I try to consider that when making my plant selections, but often I forego common sense just to get teh yard look filled in. I blame that on my husband who moves me around every couple of years or so.