Thursday, March 11, 2010

Southern Flourish-Coming Soon!!

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There is a great new online magazine gearing up to debut March 15th it's right around the corner! It looks like they've got some AMAZING articles and perhaps even better resources! I had to post this as a link to them as it tugs at my heart. I did my Undergraduate degree at the College of Charleston and wil always have a huge love of that town. Some of our best friends still live there and I am overly excited to the point of acting like a little kid anytime the prospect of getting to go back there comes up. I know college for most people is a drag, but my experience was a perfect fit. The 4 years (and a little bit) I couldn't bear to leave-(sorry mom and dad!) were amazing, I made some great friends, learned a LOT and have such fond memories of all my good times in "The Holy City".

When the magazine launches be sure to read it through and through and pay SPECIAL attention to this sleepy southern gem of a city. It too will make you fall in love!

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