Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's Hammer Time...

Everyone has house projects, our most recent project is the demo and reno of our master bathroom. Our house was built in 1988, and although it has good bones and a great layout (for our lifestyle) it was VERY outdated. I know the people who lived there before us just lived there, they didn't maintain or update at ALL. Which was good for us because we could make the changes we wanted. All leading up to this:

The shower was in the far left corner of the bathroom, it was SMALL-I knocked my elbow on the soap dish at least once a week-and I am NOT a large person... I'm sure Greg is going to be really happy that my bad language will be significantly reduced with a new larger shower :)

The toilet is across from the shower and staying where it is, we're just purchasing a new low-flow energy efficient one for its place.

Scrub-a-dub-dub, oh wait, there's no more tub!

Next to the shower, well attached really, was the tub. A large 1980s soaking tub, not even any jets in it. All well and good for the bath people, of which we are not. Unless I'm in a hot tub outside under the stars or at at spa, I do not enjoy sitting in lukewarm water looking at outdated tile. However, I will miss it for it's purpose as a GREAT place to throw our dirty laundry-classy right?

Also attached to the tub was our sink bases, the upside was that we had two sinks, the downside was that the storage wasn't great, the lighting was sub-par and we had one HUGE mirror, also un-accecptable from the design minded person that I am.

That brings us to the good news-it's all gone! YAY! My husband and I did all the demo, we're re-installing the sinks, toilet, mirrors, lights and are planning on building in a linen closet. The tile work & plumbing is being done by an awesome contractor. So I will be posting updates and information as we go along.

Anyone else working on a bathroom? What's the one thing you'd change or the one thing you can't live without?

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