Monday, April 5, 2010

Bathroom Progress Report

So it's a VERY good thing I got a new car...An SUV, and a CUTE one at that! I love it! When my husband said "Let's look at a Hyundai" I looked at him like he had 7 heads, but lo and behold, it was by far the best car I test drove (and I drove a LOT of 'em) and the one I ended up bringing home!!

With us working on the bathroom and doing so much of it ourselves, we needed it for projects like bringing our new cabinets home, Greg's car first and then mine:

Two FULL suv's! Greg measuring the spacing to make sure we have everything lined up nicely:

We decided to custom order cabinets from Home Depot. We did a lot of research and decided we didn't need to spend thousands of dollars on cabinets as this is not the forever house. Not that we would spend that even in the forever house-haha, but still. We liked the options of being able to pick and choose our drawer size, base cabinet size, etc. We did have to wait three weeks for them, but I'd say it was worth the wait!

Stay tuned for more updates, they should finish the tile this week and the granite counters went in on Saturday-YAYY!! It's all coming together! Next up, paint colors...



  1. When you have it completed add it to the metamorphosis monday website. you will get all sorts of traffic. you will have to post it on a monday though

  2. Thanks for letting me know, I'll check them out and will certainly keep the updates coming! :) And thanks for putting me up on your blogroll!