Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hippity Hop Hop, Easter’s on its way…

I love Easter! And no, it’s not just because we get a basket of candy…Although having something like this waiting for you when you wake up is a nice added bonus.

I like Easter because it’s a day we get to spend with our family. It also means we get to come up with clever crafts and super-cute baked goods and are usually lucky enough to enjoy some sunshine and brisk cool spring weather.

This year we’re celebrating at my parent’s house and I will attempt to make these lovely treats from the talented…Martha Stewart. I found her "Cupcakes" book at Home Goods and promptly put it in our basket. Since we entertain so much I thought I would always be able to find the perfect thing to make for many of our dinner parties-so far it has worked out in my favor!

My parents have called my sister and I “their chicks” since we were babies, so I try to find Kathy chicky things and I though these were TOO cute not to try for Easter.

These little cuties are from Let them Eat Lentils. Kathy and I also got baby chicks one year for Easter when we lived in Malaysia. We had a huge yard and our parents thought it would be a great gift. I will see if I can't find a pic and scan it in, they were SOO soft and a TON of fun to chase around the yard. We were quite a hoot!

Anyone else get a chick for easter? Or perhaps ones like these instead??

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  1. I used to get Easter chicks every year in Brazil... They only lasted a couple of day though... and suddenly disappeared. I guess my mom didn't want those things running around the house very long.

    Also, cute story about your parents calling you guys chicks and you finding that fabulous fun treat at Martha Stewart. I would love to make those for my little one this year... I have a week... better get moving. :)