Monday, March 22, 2010

Fantastic Friday

I am lucky enough to have some Friday’s off (I work Sunday’s instead) and drove on over to Baltimore to join this talented lady for her Tour de Baltimore.

We met around 9:00 a.m. at DeBois Textiles, an amazingly organized warehouse of fabrics, boots, coats, dresses, skirts and anything else that has to do with being clothed-personally and for your home. I was on the hunt to find a fabric to coordinate with my guest room and was smart enough to remember a pillowcase. Getting colors right without having them with you is VERY tough, and luckily I found just the thing! Meg had coffee and doughnuts from The Fractured Prune for us to munch on while we shopped-love a trip that involves snacks-my kind of ladies!

After we were done roaming their wares we made our purchases and carpooled over to Housewerks. The building alone is worth the trip!

As everyone piled out of cars and headed for the door, I stopped to take some photos of the building, look at that wood and brick detailing!

How great would this be as a converted house?? Now not that I would give up all their treasures for a house…but it is a cool space nonetheless.

I found a beautiful piece of stained glass that considered as a headboard in the guest room. Not sure if it’s the right thing so I passed it up, but it’s on the back burner in case I change my mind.

One of the women on our tour found an amazing bench for her yard, a nicely built octagonal bench at a great price, she’s got some great ideas for it-sorry I didn't get a photo. Another woman found a beautiful fragment of an architectural column; it’ll be a nice accent for her house I’m sure.

The basement was cool temperature wise but a little creepy, it would make for an awesome man cave/pub/tv room/wine cellar! They had a lot of interesting antique lanterns I’m guessing from an old church? I liked this little number, what a cute storage idea to put your gloves, scarves or mail or magazines in.

Next up was Gore Dean, they're just a few minutes outside the city was this treasure.

The owners Deb and Spider (what a cool name!) were so sweet, helpful and generous, both with their time and their champagne and cookies!! Again with the snacks-perfect day! They had beautiful notecards, tableware, pillows, furniture, mirrors, lighting and much, much more.

I loved this beauty, a murano glass mirror, very glitzy!

What a great settee, the perfect cozy spot to curl up in the winter and snuggle down by the fire. I love a high-backed sofa to keep you warm and rest your head on. And look at that bombe front dresser on the right-ooohhh!

I did buy some thin taper candles from Creative Candles for my husband's birthday cake. I also bought some rose soaps from Elizabeth W . I'm not usually one for very floraly girly scents, but this has just been on my mind this season! I couldn't wait to get home and use them and let me tell you, they were luxurious!

We went back downtown for lunch at Cafe Hon, a very Baltimore establishment, good food and great conversation! Once we were fed and re-energized we did a bit more shopping. We hit Red Tree for some beautiful handcrafted jewelry and kitschy t-shirts, beautiful glassware and nice gift items.

About a block away was Antique Exchange where they had some beautiful silver, nice pillows and gorgeous antiques.

By then I think we were shopped out! We headed back to De Bois for me to snag some fabric for a chair in our bedroom that I was thinking about all morning! Stay tuned to see the changes.

Even after all that shopping there were a few ladies interested in making the trek out to Lucketts and On a Whim, what dedicated shoppers! So I thought I would plan a trip out there later on this spring, let me know if you want to join in!

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