Monday, March 8, 2010

Vertical living

A hot new trend in the design field has been going vertical-Living walls, green walls, vertical gardens. Call them what you want but they are COOL all around. Not only do they improve indoor air quality, can reduce noise pollution, they are gorgeous to look at!

Image from (

Image from (

We are undertaking our master bathroom renovation. We started the demo and will begin the reconstruction next week. I will be posting photos, so check back to see our progress. Along with the renovation, I want to add one of these to our bathroom-what do you think?


  1. HI Amy,

    Thanks for your great post on Woolly Pockets! We'd love to see your finished bathroom with Pockets!! Be sure to send us images & we'll feature them on our blog.

    Best wishes,


  2. Aurora,
    Thanks for the comment, I will be sure to keep you updated, the tile work starts Monday, so it shouldn't be too far off!

  3. I love this look but didn't even know that it could be used indoors! You've definitely got me scheming!