Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nate Berkus!

So I'm a little late to the blog world on this topic I know, but I am a rule follower (well, most of the time, but especially when I sign a waiver, we have enough lawyers in my family to know boundaries)...

I've loved Nate's simple, clean style for awhile and was THRILLED to be at the shows second taping!! I was seated RIGHT behind him, about 5 feet away, and yes, he is just as charming in person, and the set was AWESOME!!

Here are two of the many rooms he's designed that I just love. I feel like they are livable, comfortable, functional and beautiful. Who wouldn't want to be in this room?? I especially love the geodes next to the white roses nestled on the end table.

I love these bamboo chairs!! And the graphic rug, of course the flowers are gorgeous bursting out of that urn.

I'll give you my quick rundown, about 2 weeks ago I entered on their website to get tickets to the taping, NEVER thinking I'd actually get in. Well, I was wrong!! I was lucky enough to land tickets to The Nate Berkus Show currently in production in NYC for it's premier on September 13th. Check out his website for more info to see when it premiers in your area.

A friend (who's a teacher and not back in school yet) and I took BoltBus up on Thursday did a little shopping and eating and then got up SUPER early to be in line for the show Friday morning. We did sign a waiver saying we wouldn't blog, email, post, etc. about the show, so I feel like I can't show my photos or tell what was on when we were there, so I'll put up some photos I took while I was in NYC.

I love the detail on this building, they just don't build like this anymore :(

I will say that the set was very cool, totally in Nate's style and there was one part that I have in my own house (you'll have to watch the show to find out, I'll put a post up when it airs) For those of you who want more about the show until then, feel free to check out these talented ladies' blogs to get their Nate Date report:

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I'm sure there are more posts out there in blogland, but these are the ones I've come across, feel free to let me know of any others.

I was a little sad these ladies met up on Thurdsay and I was there on Friday and missed them, but glad to see other people excited about this new show!

The set was FANTASTIC, so please watch when it airs so you can oooh and ahhh over the details, the content and of course the cute HOST!!

Have any local VA/DC/MD bloggers gone?


Images from: here, here, here, my own photos, and finally here

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  1. Oh no..we missed you by one day! :(
    And, isn't he adorable in person?! :)