Monday, August 9, 2010

Birthday Boy

We had a GREAT weekend celebrating my husband Greg's Birthday (is it bad I had as much fun as he did??) Friday night we had dinner with both sets of parents at our favorite Chinese restaurant and went back to my parents for presents and home made ice cream cake, ooohh so good.

Saturday night we went to a new (to us) Japanese restaurant with some friends one of whom shares August 8th as her birth date as well.

This was my delicious dinner!

Tammy works at a wine store part time and organized a wine and chocolate pairing there after dinner, what an awesome idea, we had a blast.

Here are the Birthday boy and girl!

Sunday we headed out to some wineries with Greg's parents and some of our best buddies. It was a relaxing day full of laughs and good company.

We did dinner back at our house and his mom made her delicious Peach Pie (one of Greg's favorite desserts). As he puts it "I like Peach Pie first, Then Blueberry, and everything else ties for third, cake, cookies, ice cream..." Gotta love a guy who appreciates sweets!

Here is our dining room before I finished setting the table, I know, bad blogger...But I did want to take a photo of the gorgeous Limelight Hydrangeas from our garden so I could link up to Lauren's post today).

All in all a LOT of fun! I am lucky to have married such a great guy, I love you Greg, Happy Birthday!!



  1. oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREG!!!! Sounds like such a blast and miss yas!!!

    The limelights are soooo beautiful!! ( i covet them!!)

  2. Thank you for adding the Hydrangeas in this... I have been looking for that color but no one around here is familiar with them, apparently we only have the pink - blue colors. I am going to introduce the Limelight Hydrangea to my backyard, and apparently the rest of North Carolina too =)