Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So it's not a hidden fact that I exercise, probably sometimes to excess (I mean not being able to wash your hair with your hands over your head b/c you're sore is normal right??), but I'm a happier person when I do. So I was running through my neighborhood one evening after work and passed this house that had a cute garden, nothing to knock your socks off, but well-kept. I thought, hmm, I could really add some finishing touches to make it really special and kept on with my run. As much as I'd LOVE to knock on people's doors and let them know I'd love to update their landscaping it just seems creepy. Would you tell a stranger they needs to repaint their living room uprovoked? (On second thought, don't answer that, I know you all would!)

Well, the next day I got a lead at work for THAT house-Hah, talk about karma! So I told her my story and she was thrilled, she actually saw me running, too funny.

Here is the beautiful wall fountain she didn't use anymore so we've turned into a planter. It is surrounded by euonymus covering the side of her garage, I love this lush green on the trellis.

This is the planting bed across from the garage wall with the fountain.

This bed is the FIRST thing you see when you pull up, it abutts the driveway. I'll have to take an after photo now that the hydrangea is in bloom.

Have a happy Wednesday! We are off to Cape Cod for a wedding this weekend, I've NEVER been and am SO excited. Anything I musn't miss while we're there?? I will be back on Monday with LOTS of photos of the happy bride and groom and hopefully some FAT hydrangeas and adorable gingerbread cottages.


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