Monday, August 16, 2010

Gotta Get Going

For many of you who don't know, my husband and I raced our first Triathlon this year, it was an amazing experience, one we will be doing again. After the race we were both high on endorphins and excited to be done, but quite honestly, took a break from the rigorous training schedule.

Now I did NOT stop working out, but I did cut back some two-a-day workouts to once a day or every other day as work was, and still is crazy.

But for me, when the going gets tough, at work or otherwise, I get my crazy workouts that is-pilates, pool, bike trails, treadmill, stairmaster, weights, what-EVER allows me to sweat it out!

I rarely leave home without my ipod from Apple, Greg bought me the nano for Valentine's day one year so I could use it with the nike+ system, it tracks your speed, distance, etc. and keeps me "plugged in" while I'm on the move, I love a good beat to keep my heart pumping and my body working hard.

I also LOVE my running shoes, they're Asics and I know I need to replace them soon but can't bear to break new ones in, hah, funny how you get attached!

Sorry I don't have any great before and after job photos right now, or house project photos, or really anything that involves why I started this blog, this was just what I felt like today, so there you have it.

Do you have any critical workout accessories you can't do without? Or do you have another action plan when things get crazy in your life?

Hugs and Push ups,

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  1. Breaking in the new shoes definitely sucks. I already miss my old running shoes.

    I'd have to say that I can't live without my Garmin and my sunglasses.