Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring is in full swing

This is an appropriate post as a Landscape Designer. This is the time of year we feel the crush of busy season, spring is by far the most pressing time of the year, followed closely by fall, but for now we're designing and installing gardens daily, sometimes twice a day, very fun but a LOT of work! So on any given day I wish I was hanging out in one of these...Take a look...Let me know what your favorite spot would be!

I loved this modern garden swing from De Bruir, what a perfect way to add some interest and a little modern style into a garden.

The next few swings from Myburgh Designs are very different but very cool.

This pumpkin swing makes me want to curl up inside and read a good book. Perhaps "Where the Wild Things Are" or "Alice in Wonderland."

I especially love this lily swing, and look at that view, right by the river, mmm, I can just feel the breeze as I drift off for a nap. That sounds so nice right about now!

LOVE the wire work on this swing, can you imagine sitting out here as a little girl and playing in the garden. Ahh, what a swanky life with those fluffy pillows!

I will leave you with a leaf swing, as that relates most to my job at the moment and the garden that I need to finish designing. Have a happy Monday!!


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  1. OMG, I never begin my sentences with OMG, but these whimsical swings are soooo cute. I'm going to ck out their sites. Thanks for sharing.