Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Boxwood Bliss

Although I have a Masters Degree in Sustainable Landscape Design and I LOVE native plants, there are some things I will never give up. This leads me to BOXWOODS. There is something so calming and beautiful to me about the Buxus species (both American and English). Although there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of cultivars and variations it seems that I love them all. Maybe not all equally, but they all have merit.
We have made MAJOR changes in this clients yard, all for the better and they couldn't be happier. We started on the front last week. Here was the before:

And here it is now, excuse the mess, my crew was installing irrigation lines, so that's why there's dirt everywhere. I will get back down there to take some good after photos now that everything is cleaned up and mulched.

I used LARGE English Boxwood, about $250 each to keep in with the style of the house, they like a very formal front garden and a looser private garden in the rear (the path from last week is their back yard.) So in between the boxwood are white carpet roses. They will be low to the ground and will bloom all summer. Clean, white and green. Beautiful!


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